We're open in Ombafi Village, 10 km from Outapi to Ogongo!

Visit Katutura Mini Market in Ombafi!

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Katutura Mini Market

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Proudly serves Olusheno customers in Ombafi village and the surrounding area

Call the team Katutura Mini Market team at  0810412917 for directions!

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Olusheno is driven by the need of millions to have safe and bright light at night. Olusheno is delighted to welcome on board one of it's newly partnered retail outlet Katutura Mini Market.

Our single goal is to bring off-grid electricity to the poor in our region - as affordable and quickly as possible, if you are in the surrounding of Outapi and Ogongo kindly visit our retail outlet Katutura Mini Market in Ombafi Village, 10 km from Outapi to Ogongo .

For all your solar purchase in the surrounding kindly please visit Katutura Mini Market or reach them at 0810412917 for direction!

Contact Olusheno help desk by dialing the toll free number 0819970000/ 0811660333/ 0811445900/ 0811694729!

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