Presenting our retail partnership with New Horizons Internet cafe in Okakarara!

A central store for our customers in Okakarara

Immo Böhm

Olusheno would like to welcome and congratulate our  partnership with our local internet cafe New Horizons!

Are you in the area of Okakarara or the near by villages or farms?

Olusheno has made it easy for you to access it's services by simple visiting our retail outlet New Horizon internet cafe.

New Horizon internet cafe is situated in Okakarara business center, unit 6 or Call Miss Beatrice for direction on 067-317192/ 0812020856

Our big aim for Olusheno retail outlets is to bring our services near to every person around the country!

Services being rendered at New Horizon are as follow:

1. Purchaing of Olusheno home kits

2. Payments

3. Inquires regarding Olusheno products

For more information kindly do contact Olusheno Help Desk on the toll free number 081997000/ 0811660333/ 0811445900.

Olusheno presenting you the brightest, healthiest and safest lights ever 💡💡💡

Great Location

New Horizons Cafe  is centrally locate

Great Selection

Purchase lights or access the internet!

Nice people

The team is awesome and always ready to help!