PayPulse now accepts Olusheno payments!

Another easy way to make your payment

Immo Böhm

As of now our valued customers can use PayPulse on their phone to make their Olusheno account payments.

Follow these steps on the PayPulse app:

  1. Select Invoice Payements

  2. Select Olusheno

  3. Enter Olusheno Account Number

  4. Select payment method

    (wallet or card)

  5. Confirm & complete payment

With the shortcode:

        1. Dial *140*6626#
        2. Enter PIN / Register
        3. Select option 4 for Pay
        4. Select option 3 for Invoice Payments 
        5. Select option 3 for Olusheno
        6. Confirm payment details

Download the PayPulse app

 You need the PayPulse app or use the Shortcode menu. To download the app simply search for PayPulse on your App Store.

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