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We caught up with our latest addition to the Olusheno family, to gain more insight into the journey that led him to us. Mr Andreas Matias is our new TSE in the south and we’re excited to learn more about him through an interview held with him recently.

Good morning Mr Matias, thank you very much for taking the time to sit with me. I know you have a busy schedule ahead of you.

TSE Matias: Good morning, yes indeed I have a hectic schedule ahead of me and I’m excited to get to work. I’m even more excited that you approached me for this interview.

Q: You just joined our team as TSE, how did you first hear about Olusheno?

TSE Matias: As you know I’m based in Aussenkher, a small township with no electricity. I’ve Used gas lamps for lights at my house and in the church where I preach. One of the church members bought a d.light solar system and presented it to the church as a safer alternative for lights. This is where I first became acquainted with Olusheno and d.light solars. My wife, that was studying nursing at the time, met an agent of Olusheno at school who asked her to help find customers. Through their agreement, my wife found customers for her friend. Not long after, my wife decided to sign on as an agent herself and because we run a local home shop in Aussenkher called, Letty Trading CC she qualified for a retail position with Olusheno as well. Meaning not only does she make sales as an agent, but we as a family now have the d.light product available for sale from our shop as well.

Q: Obviously your wife already has a working relationship with Olusheno, but what made you decide to apply for a TSE position?

TSE Matias: Well that’s interesting because my wife found out about the vacant position from the TSM Mr Amupolo. She spoke to me about it and I had to sit down and really think about it. After careful consideration, I decided to take on the task. The fact that the south had no TSE, who’s responsible for providing stock in a certain region, //karas in this case, made me feel even more obliged to take up the role of TSE. Being the pastor at the local church, Apostolic Faith Mission, my presence in the community was already felt and well respected. I also feel as though my good relationship with the people of Aussenkher made me a front-runner for the position of TSE in the south. Regardless of my reputation in this community, I also did great work with the Aussenkher Group Of Company where I started off as a manual labourer and worked my way up to ‘acting human resource manager’. For those unfamiliar with the AGC, they helped start-up companies in Aussenkher establish and manage business including vast duties ranging from admin to HR, stock control and distribution of products.

Q: What are your goals in the TSE position, what do you hope to achieve in your time here?

TSE Matias:  My goal is to ensure that agents in Aussenkher are well-trained and informed on all matters regarding the Olusheno procedures and to expand the Olusheno brand in all areas surrounding Ausenkher. This goal is mostly motivated by the outstanding amount of community members in the south that have not yet heard about Olusheno and what these d.light solar systems can do for them. I hope to revive the dropping sales structure in the south. I have seen agents and retailers that have slowly lost their will to make the product available and I aspire to be the man to restore the people’s faith in Olusheno. An added bonus for me would be if I could re-ignite the spark within them, the same spark they had that drove them to make sales and inform community members about Olusheno’s solar initiative. I’m looking to start this process by giving all agents, assigned under me, sales targets incentivized by major boosts in their commissions and recognition in the form of certificates issued by the company which recognizes their stellar efforts throughout the year.

Q: Would you recommend the public to join Olusheno actively as you have? If yes then why?

TSE Matias: Allow me to start by saying, Olusheno gave me much-needed financial assistance after I joined the team. Olusheno has a reputation for looking well after its own, given that you apply yourself wholeheartedly to the mission, which is to equip every household with affordable solar energy. In addition, the company only expects dedication, punctuality, fairness and honesty. These are the qualities an ideal Olusheno employee should possess. I recognize the opportunity granted by the company to grow not only within the company but as an individual as well. So yes, I would encourage anyone that is willing and able to join Olusheno
. For those who seek the same opportunities to make something of themselves, make the same choice I did get involved with Olusheno. Some of the highly ranked employees here started off as sales agents working on a commission-based system, which should serve as even more motivation to any interested parties.

Q: What do you feel are your strongest attributes that you might be able to apply to your position as TSE?

TSE Matias: The first has to be my level of influence in the community, as I’ve mentioned before I am a community leader through my role as pastor.
-I have a marketing certificate, which entails customer relations and marketing so on the sales front I do believe I can be a valued asset for the company.
-I hope to use my acquired leadership skills to help sales agents excel in the South.
-I do believe my level of availability, could also help to build trust with the company. Which is important in terms of performance. If the company trusts me, I can do the work to the best of my ability.
-My conservative approach to life can also benefit the company, in terms of not having to overspend on my company expenses. I’ll look to help the company save as many funds along the way as well.

Q: Where can our clients in the deep south reach you?

TSE Matias: The people of Aussenkher can reach me at the Auusenkher Christian Community Center. This is where my office is currently located. Karasburg and Keetmanshoop are among the towns that I frequently visit as well. Members of those communities can schedule possible meetings with me on my cell number which is, +264 81 286 1642.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 4years?

Matias: I hope to have established my ministry in the nation. I do see the word of God changing more lives for the better across the nation. When I was younger, I wanted to become a teacher. However, when I joined the church in 1993 and became a devoted Christian my life path shifted. Through all my efforts and ‘guiding’ mentality, the church elders appointed me Pastor in 2011 after 4-years of in-service training. Fast forward to today, one could say that I fulfilled my dream of being a teacher. Now I focus on teaching the Aussenkher youth about the gospel. From a professional aspect, the goal is to become well-experienced in my current position at the company. And to have helped Olusheno excel in terms of branching out in Namibia. Becoming an integral part of this well-oiled machine we call Olusheno would just be the cherry on top!

Q: A final word of encouragement to the public?

TSE Matias: I would like to encourage the general public to acquire d.light products. Regardless of whether you have electricity or not. Olusheno is suited for all. To the youth, currently seeking opportunities, join Olusheno! This company has opportunities for you to grow as an individual, I’ve seen it first-hand with the current longstanding employees, in how the company has changed their lives. And personal growth inspired the company. Do not be discouraged to start small. Humble beginnings have always produced the best characters!

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