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Everyone loves an underdog story. It reminds us that even through any and all hardships, there’s always a silver lining. It often gives us a sense of aspiration for our own journey ahead.

This week’s blog focuses on the story of a man who overcame great odds to become a success. He started off from the humblest beginnings and worked his way up to becoming one of central Katutura’s prominent businesses. Creating ties with mega conglomerates along the way such as MultiChoice.

Farai Muparadazi started off doing freelance handy work while working towards earning certification from MultiChoice which would allow him to start doing DSTV installations. Once he accomplished this he started running his ‘installations office’ out of his garage. As a result of his hard work beginning to pay off, MultiChoice offered to provide him with decoders which he would then sell in his community. This was when Mr Muparadazi entered the retail arena, and Exodus Investments was born.

Exodus Investments is a retail shop located at the Black chain shopping mall, established by Farai around 19 years ago. With a bigger market opening up in the solar industry. Farai sought to collaborate with companies driving the solar initiative in the country. It was during our ‘establishing phase’ that Farai got us on his radar through social media adverts. Utilizing his vast networking abilities, he got in contact with, a then sales executive turned sales manager, Ndakalako Amupolo. Who helped him get registered as an outlet of Olusheno. Being the valiant, risk-taking and goal-driven individual that he is best described as by his employees, he fit right in with the mission plan Olusheno had at the time.

Exodus Investments has employed two vibrant young ladies who mostly deal with our clients that stop by his shop. As a gateway to creating more working opportunities within various communities, Olusheno outlets are a hub not only for aspiring clients but job seekers as well. Many of our current sales agents have been introduced through outlet owners. One of his employees, Johanna, says that most of the Olusheno clients that visit their store are well-informed on our products and procedures which often makes for nonchalant interactions with clients. She also expressed her praise towards Olusheno for implementing ‘such affordable account payment options’. A large number of our existing clients make their monthly payments at Exodus as they have Kazang machines as well.

Johanna was hired by Exodus Investments early into the business’s expansion to central Katutura. She assisted Farai in establishing the shop's presence in the Black chain mall. When Farai joined Olusheno, this opened a door for Johanna to expand her knowledge of solar systems and her skill set as well. Now she runs the day-to-day administration of Exodus as well as assisting Olusheno clients with payments of accounts and purchasing of d.light products and more. However, the road hasn’t always been smooth with Farai citing, the lack of technical support in his store coupled with late stock deliveries as some of his biggest challenges. He says his staff is not as informed about Olusheno procedures as he’d like for them to be as well. We’re already working on getting his staff equipped with the knowledge to help them give the best service when it comes to dealing with Olusheno’s clients. We believe in getting ahead of problems hence the quick response to aid Farai with some of his challenges.

Motivated by our solar initiative and its uplifting effect within the community, Farai hopes to extend his time with Olusheno. That and also blushingly admitting to hopes for the retail commission rates to increase soon as they significantly grow sales from the Black chain mall. A humble soul indeed. 

Mr Muparadazi closed our interview with the following statement aimed at individuals aspiring to enter the world of retail.

'If you want to be in the retail business you need to have heart. Be ready for rejection and train yourself on how to deal with it. You need to be well informed on current affairs as a networking tool. Be an outlier, be the difference. Identify how you can stand out from those in your field and use that excel. And you can do all this with Olusheno as they provide an experience, room for growth and sustainable income flow depending on sales.’

You can locate Exodus Investments, at the following address: Black Chain Mall, Shop 7

Independence Ave, corner of Rabbi street Cell: +264 85 651 5312 Cell: +264 81 335 4305

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