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In the heart of the Omaheke region lies the small settlement of Gam, where stories of resilience and transformation often go unnoticed. One such story is that of Uatieuavi Muatjetjeja, a 46-year-old woman who took the bold step towards a brighter future for herself and her community. In the winter of 2019, amid-st rising candle sales due to the challenges of rural living, Ms. Muatjetjeja embarked on a journey that would not only illuminate her home but also kindle a beacon of hope for Gam.

A Quest for Safety and Sustainability

The decision to embrace solar power was not an arbitrary one for Ms. Muatjetjeja. The threat of house fires looming over Gam pushed her to seek safer alternatives, prompting her to explore the world of d.light solar products. The turning point arrived when fellow Gam residents returned from a trip to Gobabis, buzzing with excitement after attending a 'solar party' hosted by Olusheno Sales & Distribution. These gatherings, aimed at enlightening communities about the wonders of solar technology, proved to be instrumental in spreading the message of affordable, durable, and reliable solar home systems.

Although Ms. Muatjetjeja couldn't join her neighbors in person, the pamphlets they brought back served as her window into a realm of possibilities. Armed with newfound knowledge and determination, she reached out to the d.light customer care team, sating her curiosity as a first-time buyer. A pilgrimage to Gobabis ensued, leading her to the doorstep of the late Mrs.Willemina Mberira, the beacon of expertise who introduced her to the D30 solar home system.

The Dawn of a New Era

Ms. Muatjetjeja's investment in the D30 solar home system marked a trans-formative chapter in her life. The package, a harmonious symphony of innovation, included four 8m bulbs, a versatile charging cable, a solar panel, and a torch-radio duo. With her home now bathed in the gentle glow of sustainable energy, she quickly became the pride of Gam, an emblem of progress in a settlement transitioning towards a greener future.

A Testimony of Reliability

Four years later, Ms. Muatjetjeja's radiant smile graced the doors of our office, carrying a simple request for a lithium battery replacement. Her testimonial was a testament to the longevity and steadfastness of d.light's products. Recounting her minor inconvenience, she lauded the fact that this was her first encounter with a technical issue since her initial purchase. In a world where electronic devices often falter within months, her story spoke volumes about d.light's commitment to quality and durability.

A Future Illuminated

Ms. Muatjetjeja's unwavering faith in d.light's products radiates hope for a future where sustainable energy reaches every corner of Gam. Her endorsement of affordability and reliability stands as a beacon, inviting more hearts to embrace the power of the sun. Yet, her aspirations transcend her own home; she envisions Olusheno expanding its horizons to power her entire household's basic electrical needs. Her promise to patiently await this evolution mirrors the deep trust she has developed in d.light’s capabilities.


Uatieuavi Muatjetjeja's journey embodies the spirit of progress that transcends the confines of a small settlement. Her story intertwines with the narrative of Gam's transition towards a brighter, safer, and more sustainable future. As d.light continues to light up lives, one solar-powered step at a time, Ms. Muatjetjeja's legacy will remain etched in the annals of Olusheno's mission to empower communities and kindle hope where it is needed the most. While we anticipate seeing more of her in our pursuit of progress, her rare visit for technical assistance serves as a reminder that our commitment to quality ensures she won't return with such concerns anytime soon.

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