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A journey with Mrs Fenny Matias

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In the heart of Aussenkehr, a vibrant businesswoman and educator, Mrs Fenny Matias, has been making significant strides in empowering her community. From her role as a promoter of Adult Education to her ownership of a family Mini Groceries Shop and Take Away, Mrs Matias has been at the forefront of positive change. This blog post delves into her journey with Olusheno, a company providing innovative solutions for solar lighting needs, and highlights her dedication to improving the lives of others.

Discovering Olusheno
It was in 2018 when Mrs Fenny Matias first encountered Olusheno. Her church was seeking a solution for light usage during evening services, which led them to purchase the Olusheno D30 that year.

In 2020, Mrs Matias had an enlightening experience when her friend and business partner, Ms Naemi Erki N. from Karasburg, introduced her to the marketing potential of Olusheno. This encounter with the late Mrs Wilhelmina Mberira, who was looking for someone in Aussenkehr to open a retail shop for Olusheno, unveiled the benefits of becoming an agent or a retail outlet.

Becoming an Olusheno Agent

Since 2021, Mrs Fenny Matias has been an agent and a retail outlet for Olusheno, although the exact date eludes her memory. In her video interview, she provides more details about her journey with the company.

Dealing with Challenges

Mrs Matias acknowledges the challenges of working with some sceptical customers. Some individuals who had negative experiences with Chinese-made products find it difficult to trust and understand the reliability of Olusheno's offerings. Additionally, addressing customer grievances related to product faults sent for repairs in Windhoek has been a learning experience for her.

Appreciating Olusheno's Advantages

One of the aspects that Mrs. Fenny Matias appreciates most about d.light products, offered by Olusheno, is their affordability and quality. She believes that these products make life easier for everyone. Furthermore, she emphasizes the potential for individuals, like herself, to achieve financial independence by becoming sales agents or retail outlets for Olusheno.

Enhancing Service in the Community

To improve service delivery in the community, Mrs Matias recommends conducting thorough research and seeking input through consultations with community members. This approach ensures that the products and services provided by Olusheno are tailored to meet the specific needs and expectations of Aussenkehr residents.

Olusheno: The Solution for Aussenkehr

Mrs Fenny Matias wholeheartedly recommends Olusheno's products as the ultimate solution for the community of Aussenkehr. With limited access to electricity and an ongoing risk of fire accidents caused by candles, she believes that Olusheno's solar home systems can provide a safe and sustainable alternative, preventing further loss of valuable properties.

Empowering Small Businesses and Youth

In line with her dedication to empowerment, Mrs Matias encourages small businesses and young people to join Olusheno as sales agents or retail outlets. By working hard and taking advantage of this opportunity, individuals can attain financial independence and reduce dependency on external support.

Mrs. Fenny Matias, a remarkable businesswoman, educator, Olusheno agent, and outlet owner has made a significant impact in Aussenkehr. Through her involvement with the company, she has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of affordable and reliable solar home systems.

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