Case Study: Helena Kanadjembo & Ignatius Shangala

Longtime customers share their experience!

Immo Böhm

Helena and Ignatius are one of our very early customers, having acquired their system in July 2016.

They have been using the system for many years now and are very happy with it. Ignatius comments that he specifically loves the way it is designed and especially the quality of the light it gives. Now he no longer worries about using candles anymore. He also mentioned that his two kids have been performing well in school ever since they bought the unit last year. Here are some pictures of Ignatius and his solar system.


Ignatius with his easy to install solar battery and controller unit.


Ignatius enjoys the light with his two sons!


The solar chargeable radio is a great benefit to the family - who is now able to listen to the news and music all day long - at no extra cost!

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