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New Leaf indeed...

Our reach is constantly expanding across the country. This time around we found ourselves in

the historical settlement, known as, Kuisebmond in Walvis Bay.

Last time we had TSE Beatricia visit her retailers in the Otjozondjupa region. And it was a blast indeed, with old friends catching up and bonding over the glorious experience of changing lives through Olusheno’s home solar systems.

This time around we’re changing pace. Introducing Alma Erastus, a small business owner in Keisebmond. Alma started her business in 2021 with the aim of rendering the best service possible to her fellow Keisebmond residents. And she seems to be doing something right. Okahao Tuckshop, which is the name of Ms Erastus’ store, is on everyone’s mind when thinking about where to purchase their daily needs. She sells everything from toothpaste to airtime and she’s always available. Keisebmund residents have quickly made Okahao their one-stop shop.

Now, thanks to our very own TSE Matthew August Kalikenya's spectacular recruitment skills. The Okahao Tuckshop is now a proud Olusheno branch. You can now access your number one home solar system provider through Okahao Tuckshop. That’s right you can now purchase our d.Light products from Okahao Tuckshop in Kuisebmond. No more dark nights or powerless days. Those long beach walks at sunset could be longer with the T200 d.Light torch. Catch the World Cup live with our X500 TV Set. And yes, it is compatible with GoTv and DSTV decoders. 

All that and more, are now available at the Okohao Tuckshop franchise. So, if you’re looking to end this eventful year on a high note, join us now. Olusheno is an organization that seeks to enrich our beautiful nation, not only through providing affordable solar energy alone. But through creating opportunities for local outliers like Ms Erastus to flourish as well.

We’re all about changing lives and therefore we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. This is why we have dedicated individuals in each department making sure you get the service you deserve. Make the right choice today. The light, all-night choice.

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And feel welcome to contact our dedicated call centre team for any further assistance:

0819970000 (Toll-free) / 081 162 1091 / 081 145 4476 / 081 169 4729 / 081 145 5708

Alma Erastus (Shop Owner): + 264 81 583 4965Matthew Kalikenya (TSE): +264 81 308 7940

💡We hope to see you there. Where it’s light, all night.💡

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