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In the charming coastal town of Swakopmund, Namibia, a remarkable transformation is underway, driven by clean and affordable energy solutions. At the heart of this change is Mr. Wilbard Shaanika, a local resident who not only embraced the power of solar energy but also became one of the most dedicated advocates for it. TSE Matthew Kalikenya had the privilege of sitting down with Mr. Shaanika to learn about his journey from being an Olusheno client to becoming a shining star agent under Kea Tuckshop. A blossoming retailer in the DRC location. In this blog, we'll explore Mr. Shaanika's story and the impact of solar energy on his community.

The Quest for Light in DRC Location

Mr. Shaanika hails from Swakopmund and resides in an area known as DRC, where access to electricity is a distant dream. In this off-grid location, life after sunset can be challenging due to the absence of reliable lighting. The darkness of the DRC location is what prompted Mr. Shaanika to seek a brighter solution, both literally and figuratively.

One day, he received a call that would change his life. It was from his cousin in Windhoek, who suggested that he invest in a solar system. Recognizing the desperate need for reliable lighting in his community, Mr. Shaanika took the advice to heart and decided to explore the world of solar energy. Little did he know that this decision would not only transform his life but also empower him to make a significant difference in DRC, Swakopmund.

Embracing Olusheno's Home Solar System

Upon his cousin's recommendation, Mr. Shaanika opted for Olusheno's Home Solar System. Specifically, he chose the d.light product, which provided him with a source of light for his home and allowed him to keep his cellphone charged. In a place described as a "very dark place" by Mr. Shaanika himself, the demand for the d.light product was understandably high.

Around two years ago, Mr. Shaanika became an Olusheno client, opening an account that marked the beginning of his journey with clean energy. The d.light product not only illuminated his home but also enlightened him about the transformative potential of solar energy. This newfound knowledge ignited a passion within him to advocate for solar power in his community.

Becoming an Olusheno Agent: Empowerment and Financial Freedom
Mr. Shaanika's commitment to spreading the benefits of solar energy led him to take on a new role as an agent for Olusheno. As an agent, he became not just a user but also a promoter of clean and affordable energy solutions. His story of personal transformation and the impact of the d.light product resonated with many in DRC, Swakopmund, and beyond.

One of the key advantages Mr. Shaanika highlights is the financial freedom that comes with being an Olusheno agent. For every unit he sells, he receives a handsome commission, allowing him to improve his own standard of living while helping others access reliable energy. This dual benefit of making a difference in his community and earning income has been a game-changer in his life.

Advocating for Solar Power: Mr. Shaanika's Vision for the Future

Mr. Shaanika is passionate about expanding the reach of solar power in his community and beyond. He believes that Olusheno's low payment rates and affordability make it convenient for clients from all backgrounds to harness the power of the sun. His vision for the future includes more door-to-door sales activities in DRC and surrounding communities.

He also emphasizes the importance of solar promotional parties, which focus on demonstrating the capabilities of the d.light product. These events not only showcase the benefits of clean energy but also create a sense of community and awareness. According to Mr. Shaanika, the more people see the tangible benefits of solar energy, the more they are likely to make the switch. 

A Beacon of Light in Swakopmund

Mr. Wilbard Shaanika's journey from a resident of a dark corner in Swakopmund to a dedicated advocate for solar power is a testament to the transformative power of clean energy solutions. His story highlights the tangible impact that access to reliable electricity can have on the lives of individuals and communities.As we celebrate Mr. Shaanika's dedication and vision, we are reminded of the potential for positive change that lies within us all. Through his efforts, he is not only illuminating homes but also inspiring others to join the solar revolution, one light at a time. His story serves as a beacon of hope and a shining example of how clean energy can empower individuals and communities alike.If you’ve found this particular article insightful, then get to know more about us by following our social media platforms. We keep our followers well-informed on all things solar and all things, Olusheno! As we look towards improving our products and services for optimal customer satisfaction. 

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