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Man On A Mission

Black Chain's  missing link...

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March 2023   97 views

New Year, New Faces!

Getting to know our new TSE..

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February 2023   52 views

Why Choose d.Light?

We have all the reasons...

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February 2023   98 views

The Do's and Dont's...

Know where you stand with us...

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January 2023   118 views

The New Year Has Arrived!

Welcome to the new age of solar energy...

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January 2023   107 views

🏆World Cup Fever Strikes!🌍

The X500 was made for this...

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November 2022   232 views

Erongo's Light Shine's Brightest In DRC

Lovis Ngesheya, the outlier...

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November 2022   224 views

Olusheno Makes The Difference

The light still shines...

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October 2022   213 views

d.Light Gains Traction In Erongo

Uis Residents are switched on!

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October 2022   225 views

Replaying The Hits With TSE Beatricia

Teaching old dogs, new tricks...

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October 2022   238 views

A New Leaf, With Olusheno

Kuisebmond Catches On...

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October 2022   222 views

Tuyakula is switched on!!

The sun shines brighter with d.light...

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September 2022   261 views



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August 2022   330 views

Grace & Favour Shop Retail Outlet

Olusheno is welcoming on board one of its newly branded retail outlet “Grace & Favour Shop” which is located in Ndama location alongside the main road to Katima.

Moses Tangeni Moses
June 2022   493 views

Live with Shipi FM

Join our team live on Shipi Radio station 🚉 and have a chance to engage with team on the different types of products Olusheno offers.

Moses Tangeni Moses
May 2022   530 views


May this pious day bring positive energies and great joys in your life, keep safe and enjoy your weekend.

Moses Tangeni Moses
April 2022   564 views

☀️ Go solar Shipi FM☀️

Olusheno is inviting you to tune on your special local radio station 📻 Shipi FM tonight as we will brief our customers on varies product available and the new prices

Moses Tangeni Moses
March 2022   634 views

Hambelela Shop retail outlet

🌞Are you looking for the best Solar Home system in the country? Olusheno Welcomes you to get the lowest quotation and best quality from every nearby retail outlets in your surrounding Olusheno is pleased to welcome one of it's newly signed up local retail outlet in the Ontanda Village in Omuntele constituency by the name of "Hambelela Shop"

Moses Tangeni Moses
March 2022   698 views

Theresia's Home Shop Retail Outlet

Do you find yourself in a remote area with no access to bright light at night? Olusheno is driven to deliver and empower communities with bright lights and to keep there chargeable devices on with pay as you go solar home systems.

Moses Tangeni Moses
February 2022   751 views

The year has come to an end

The year has come to an end and Olusheno Family is thanking all customers and followers for making this possible.

Moses Tangeni Moses
December 2021   904 views

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